turning ‘ages – behind the scenes; The installation process

Turning ‘ages has been installed in different city library locations as part of its UK tour. It is carefully taken down from each library on the same day that it moves to its new home. The loose items in the bottom are removed first and then the hanging panel – each element is wrapped up and put inside the van before finally the antique style case is lifted in last. The entire process of de-installing the piece takes roughly 2 hours start to finish.


turning ‘ages being de-installed from its alcove in Manchester Central Library – The hanging panel has just been removed



turning ‘ages arrives at Newcastle City Library


ready for assembly at Newcastle City Library

Tony Nielsen ( above ) who made the wooden casing takes the lead with all of  the moves. Below you can see me making some of the final piece placements of the install process at Cambridge Library after Tony and the team have assembled carefully.

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