UK City Walkabout Tour Dates :

The route for the 23rd September 2017

Newcastle  walkabout tour:

Newcastle Route


January 14th until January 18th 2019

In a time of great division, Bristol-based artist Elaine Robinson’s ambitious project is connecting people across the UK, asking them to leave their fingerprints and talk about identity. How do we react when we are asked for our fingerprint? What constitutes our uniqueness and what gives us our collective voice?

Parliament SPOTtimespotTIME will be from Monday 14th January 2019 for one week. The emerging nationwide artwork will exhibit the first five panels in The Upper waiting Area in The House Of Commons. The exhibition will show photographs and explain the work to date asking MPs, Lords and other Westminster employees for their fingerprints documenting this historic time in n history.

The route for the Friday 19th April 2019

Cardiff Route

Elaine will begin her walk at 9am from Tramorfa Adult Training Centre  – the route will take her into the city centre and then onto Cyncoad.

Walking Route –

The routes for the London, Belfast & Edinburgh walkabout tour coming soon.


 Saturday 2nd March 2019  Birmingham
 Friday 19th April 2019  Cardiff
 Saturday 18th May 2019  London
 Saturday 22nd June 2019  Belfast
 Saturday 13th July 2019  Edinburgh



Click here for more information about SPOTtimespotTIME     

Painting series influenced by the tour