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 Tuesday 5th November 2019The  National Assembly of Wales
  Tuesday 19th & Wed 20th November 2019 Stormont and Belfast City Centre
 NHS Panel, Conservation Panel, Art as a unifying language panel, Date releases very soon.

Dates Coming soon ….

Glasgow & Edinburgh & Scottish Parliament Panel

December 2024

NHS Panel – ongoing

Conservation – ongoing

Art as a Unifying Language  Panel – ongoing

Brighton City Walkabout TBA soon

Manchester City Walkabout TBA soon

More London dates TBA soon

The finished artwork will include panels of fingerprints held in clear resin, photographs, videos and quotes. These have been collected from cities visited across the UK and also different time events emerging as a relevant social document.  SPOTtimespotTIME captures the changing political arena by asking the UK and European Parliaments and Assembly’s to contribute to the emerging installation and Elaine looks forward to another successful ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Scottish Parliament in December ‘24. The Royal Academy, Royal West of England Academy,  National Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, The Globe, The Stage, Aardmans  have all participated to name only a few.
Representation from many diverse groups have also participated on the artwork, for example- HS2 opponents, XR, PRIDE, Windrush, Pioneering Bristol  Bus Boycott celebrations, Notting Hill Carnival, Edinburgh Fringe, NHS, Covid crisis, knife crime awareness and many Conservation and Environmental bodies contributed to represent all life. People  who are displaced due to war and environmental reasons and domestic abuse charities also participated.
Time, opinion, cultural beliefs and fear are often what can separate us, however, paradoxically a hand of friendship reminds us  it is also what unites us all when it really matters. Love, respect and inner morality is the only way forward to regain peace.
Robinson also visited Ness of Brodgar in Orkney and was able to see a fingerprint in some pottery that was over 5000 years old. A fingerprint represented Pre – Neolithic times before modern day farming methods. Natural ecosystems and instinctive creativity to move in the present with kindness is what SPOTtimespotTIME celebrates.
To sit alongside all life equally with love and respect.





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Painting series influenced by the tour