Antonios Nielsen

Antonios Nielsen is an experienced advisor as regards to sculpture realisms and exhibition safety .

The glass wooden casing forming part of the presentation for Turning ‘ages was made and crafted by Antonios Nielsen. It is a beautiful crafted piece of work and enhances the comment beautifully.

Antonios will be advising sculptural realisms and implementation with all foreseeable future projects.

Lisa May Thomas | Dancer / Writer / Director

Lisa is a contemporary dance artist based in Bristol specialising in improvisation techniques for space and on screen.

Lisa is PhD Candidate ( University of Bristol)

‘manifest artist’

hTRwhunt_400x400 Sarah Class Composer – Singer/Songwriter

Sarah Class is one of Britain’s most sought after composers. Sarah’s first major break was when she was asked to compose the score for an independent feature film titled ‘The Weekend’ starring Gina Rowlands and Brooke Shields.
Sarah is fulfilling her dream pursuing her ambition as a singer/songwriter.



Southwest Scriptwriters, Bristol, is the UK’s leading group for writers of stage, screen, radio and television drama.

Elaine has worked collaboratively with the writing group and Bristol Central Library for an event inspired by ‘Turning ‘ages’ on the 27th June 2014 held at the Central Library Bristol


The Wardrobe Ensemble

The Wardrobe Ensemble fictionalise forgotten stories that were once at the height of media attention, using verbatim material, physical theatre, live music and inventive stagecraft. We make theatre which explores, questions, and celebrates human life.

Red Rope Theatre Company was formed in 2012 and is dedicated to bringing celebrated plays and playwrights to a wider audience. We passionately believe that theatre is an experience that enriches and educates and should be accessible to as many people as possible.We strive to create high quality touring productions that begin with exceptional writing and carry that quality through into every aspect of the show.



Andy Pink | Composer and Sound Designer

Andy Pink particularly enjoys blurring the relationship between sound, music and movement. Raw sound is the seed for all of his musical compositions, as in the score for ‘Bird Song’ (2002) for Siobhan Davies Dance. ‘Bird Song’ fundamentally questioned how dancers hear. It went on to become part of Tate Modern’s ’40 Artists 40 Days’ Olympic bid and the piece is on the national curriculum for dance.

‘manifest artist’


Rainmaker Gallery | Contemporary Native American Indian Art & Jewellery.

RAINMAKER Gallery is the UK showcase for contemporary Native North American Indian art and jewellery. Situated on the border of Redland and Westbury Park in North Bristol. Through artist talks, events and exhibitions Rainmaker promotes awareness, education and cultural exchange. The gallery exhibits original paintings, drawings and fine art prints and carries a superb collection of high quality handmade American Indian jewellery, Zuni fetish carvings and Pendleton blankets.



Clifton College – Percival Library
Bristol City Library
Sheffield Library
Liverpool Library
The Library of Birmingham
Cheltenham Library
Central Library Cambridge
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Newcastle City Library
Nottingham Central Library
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