Thank you and Goodbye Cambridge Central Library

Cambridge Central Library have been wonderful to work alongside and I would like to thank the whole team there for their generous support and enthusiasm for the installation.

You can see me installing the piece at cambridge


Meet the Artist Event 28 March


The public participation and interaction with the installation was embraced when I delivered the ‘meet the artist event’ on 28 March   Nothing could have prepared me for the warmth and appreciation people expressed for the work during this talk. It became an arena whereby writers, editors and other writing professionals could express their feelings about the changing life of the written word, books and publishers.

Rather wonderfully Cambridge Library made a wonderful origami phoenix to enclose in Turning ‘ages whist it continues it’s journey, a fitting tribute to the evolving life of the book. Thank you Cambridge.

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One thought on “Thank you and Goodbye Cambridge Central Library”

  1. James Nicol (Cambridgeshire Libraries)
     ·  Reply

    It was a total pleasure and wonderful experience hosting Turning Ages at Cambridge Central Library.

    Since your inital contact, Elaine, we were all so so excited about having this beautiful and thought provoking art work in the library. And it didnt dissapoint!

    From the day of delivery, when it was all being unpacked there was a buzz and curiosity about Turning Ages and this continued until it was taken away. People would approach it with caution or go staright to it, noses pressed eagerly against the glass. Some would skirt around it and wander back a little later, curiosity finally winning out.

    Turning Ages is a very personal piece of art, just like a book everyone would have experienced it differently and taken something individual away with them after seeing it.

    For me it perfectly captured the romance of books and how in some ways they become the keepers of our secrets, dreams and desires.

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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