Hello Manchester Central Library

On the 13 May we moved Turning ‘ages to its new home in Manchester Central Library.

The move went extremely well and we thank Tony  Nielsen and Stuart for their incredible skill in dismantling and transporting the piece. Also my thanks go to the team at Manchester Central Library for their help and support with move logistics.


The piece, now fully installed,  in the grand Neoclassical surroundings at Manchester Central Library


turning ‘ages


I am delighted that the work has been talked about in various publications including Manchester Evening News and The Mancunian Matters, as well as Living Edge Magazine. You can see all the coverage by visiting my media page here.

 Please visit http://www.librarylive.co.uk/whats-on/  for information regarding the exhibition. 


The most exciting thing about moving the work is the public interaction and comments . Whilst Turning ‘ages was in Cambridge, it received very insightful feedback and comments, and the work continues to evolve and change peoples perceptions, whilst it continues it’s nationwide tour.

The Manchester Library Team have very kindly asked me to come and deliver a talk to students about the work towards the end of June.  I look forward to hearing their comments about Turning ‘ages

If you have a question or a comment about turning ‘ages please email me here.

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