Before ‘turning ‘ages’ sets off for Manchester we look at the Comments that came from Cambridge

It’s always important to think and reflect before you moving onto a new phase; With this in mind I wanted to honour the contributions made to the exhibition ‘turning ‘ages’ during its time in Cambridge, before it moves onto Manchester Central Library, ready to open to the public on 14 May.

Thank you to everyone who gave comment and life to ‘turning ‘ages’:

‘May books live forever. They are a part of life’

‘Just brilliant’

‘yes I liked it lots’

‘Loved it – so reminiscent of childhood ( & adult life) surrounded by books; it gives rise to so many questions. Why these books? How has the whole thing been put together? How many of the books here have I read etc…? Beautiful’

‘With all these books being weathered, dog-eared and old, it asks the question, has there been a bomb? Has the owner or family died?’

‘This piece of art is so special and interesting, it calls and speaks to you, thank you to Elaine Robinson for bringing to life this depiction and sharing with us her values and discoveries’

‘such an evocative sentiment of literature and society, wonderful work and talk by Elaine’

‘It was a very fascinating talk and is a really creative piece of art’

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