Turning ‘ages Tour and LIGAR

Ok, …so Turning ‘ages has had a successful nationwide tour of the UK city libraries, documenting time and change. The work is still evolving and continues to comment about the changing relationships we have with libraries/books/the written word. More recently the writer’s relationship with editors and publishing houses has been raised during the artist talks. The exhibition has been extended because of it’s success will be exhibiting at the Westminster Reference Library until April 2016 this year. Further locations are being discussed with plans to tour internationally.
Turning ‘ages is the 1st installation of seven, collectively called ‘LIGAR’. The 2nd installation SPOTtimespotTIME will continue it’s national tour in the Spring ( tour dates to be finalised ) this year. Initial details of the remaining five will be added to my website over the next few weeks.

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  1. Joseph Eldridge
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    Is this thought-provoking installation going on tour again?

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