Thank you – Library of Birmingham

Thank you for hosting turning ‘ages at the Library Of Birmingham over the last three months. The feedback has been stimulating and thought provoking, particularly the more controversial comments which highlighted all aspects of creative freedom and privacy. The welcome and professionalism demonstrated by the Library of Birmingham was outstanding and It has been a privilege to exhibit the work there and also to have been asked to do an artist talk. Thank you.

I appreciated the support from the event’s team at the library, since news regarding their department and jobs were quite uncertain.

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  1. Library of Birmingham
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    Thanks so much Elaine for giving us the opportunity to show your wonderful piece – Turning ‘Ages. The themes and questions it raises are highly relevant to library audiences and a great fit with the archives floor where it was situated here. We are sure that Turning ‘Ages will fascinate audiences on the remainder of its uk library tour.

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