Sheffield Central Library – arriving the 1st July

We’re starting the journey north tomorrow. When we arrive the local paper will be there to take a photo and inform Sheffield to take a view and reflect on the transforming relationship we have with the written word. We look forward to your comments Sheffield 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sheffield Central Library – arriving the 1st July”

  1. Joyce Woolridge
     ·  Reply

    A very beautiful, thought-provoking and moving installation. I’ve gone back several times to look at it again. These ‘found’ remnants of people’s lives inside books are at turns poignant, sometimes funny. How often I’ve opened a second hand book and out has dropped a photo or a letter which has fleetingly linked me to a previous reader. Makes a powerful point about the importance of physically holding and touching a book and of libraries and bookshops – and what will be lost if they disappear. Wonderful.

  2. Heather Baxendale
     ·  Reply

    We’d like to thank you for having the opportunity to host your original and thought provoking installation in our Central Library recently.

    The installation arrived with us before the Tour de France and so got a international as well as local audience.

    Comments ranged from:

    “me encanta” from Pepa, Spain
    “A wonderful celebration of the physical nature of books – it wouldn’t be quite as interesting with Kindles!” from Teresa, Sheffield
    “this library is so important for us all” from Marie, Sheffield

    Once again thank you!

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