Goodbye Manchester Central Library

What a pleasure it was to be hosted by Manchester Central Library. Disappointed they were not able to have ‘Turning ‘ages’ longer, it has been suggested they have it back in early 2016 for artists talks and workshops.

Here are some of the comments entered into the visitors book from Manchester:

Jane Greer from Stockport said ‘ It’s a beautiful work of art, says it all beautifully for booklovers’

Yuchan from Singapore kindly said ‘beautiful’

Carmen from Spain also said ‘beautiful’

Louise from Carrboro, North Carolina, USA  ‘ As a native of Alabama, I appreciate your prominent display of H. Lee’s KAM. Your piece reminds me of Billy Collins’ ”Marginalia”

There are many more and I appreciate the time and consideration of all the people who visited and took the time to comment.

Thanks again for hosting Manchester and hopefully see you again in early 2016





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  1. Darren Rawcliffe
     ·  Reply

    Good to have Turning ‘ages over the last six weeks. I must have passed the work three or four times a day during that period and it was very rare not to see it being examined or discussed. Looking forward to its possible return in 2016

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