A single moment -SPOTtimespotTIME (ii LIGAR) tour launch August 2016

LIGAR stamp which will feature on all the works in the Vll LIGAR expressions


The SPOTtimespotTIME nationwide tour will begin the tour launch in August  2016.

The work asks us to consider our own changing identity,  the questions raised around the research with forensics, DNA and the increasing population.  What will be the impact be on us all and our connection to each other? Celebrating a single moment in time,  the emerging nationwide collective art work comments on the ever wonderous evolutionary process we are presently undergoing . The work when exhibited will have seven panels of fingerprints held in clear resin from cities initially all around the UK.

20150330_182514  A small example from the first of the emerging 7 panels from the SPOTtimespotTIME walkabout event held in Bristol in March 2015, when the people of Bristol were asked to add their fingerprint to a collective artwork.

The details of the city walkabout in Newcastle and the other tour cities will follow shortly.

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