Example image taken from the Bristol City walkabout in March 2015.

 SPOTtimespotTIME – Conceived in 2015 ( LIGAR II)

….. is a participatory artwork initially inspired by the touring installation Turning ‘ages (LIGAR I) and the Rubens exhibition (RA 2015)

The emerging artwork will be emerging  and encouraging participation throughout the UK cities in Summer/Autumn 2016,2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020.

The work asks us to consider our own changing identity. How do we feel when we are asked to handover our fingerprint? It has become evident during the walkabouts that there are a large group of people choosing to live ‘off grid’ because of the changing social environment. Forensics research and pioneering work with DNA analysis will  provide some of the scientific answers, but what about the social impact? .  SPOTtimespotTIME documents in real time these changes. Robinson says: “Given the current political climate I am particularly pleased to be doing something so levelling. A fingerprint does not show difference, only how similar we all are.”

Conceived in Bristol in 2015, the artist walks all day to gather fingerprints from all sections and areas of society. The finished artwork will include 20 panels of fingerprints held in clear resin, each collected from all the cities visited across the UK. Emerging as a social document of our time, Elaine has captured the changing political voice by asking the UK and European Parliaments and Assembly’s to contribute to the emerging artwork. Other Panels forming the work are : NHS Panel, Conservation Panel & Art as a Unifying Language Panel.

The work will have a National Exhibition.


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