Thank you Nottingham Central Library -Comments

‘ Absolutely Wonderful.This is brilliant’ – Joy Bridgett

‘Brilliant, wish I had space for it in my home !!’ – Rowena Fallin-White

‘ This is a fitting tribute to the written word’ – Bertie Marshall

‘Loved it very much, books are a very important part of life and this expresses that’ – A.Evans

‘Looked very interesting. Shows history of the book. Maybe you should put on display things left inside books from this library- I always find find something inside books that I get from this library’ ‘ – L. Davies

‘So inspirational, it’s fab’ – C Watson

‘Amazing work, so thought provoking’ – Annie- Joy Fraser

…..there are many more comments and I am thankful and pleased the work was so greatly received in Nottingham;

James Walker – ‘Dawn of the unread’ – writer/ blogger has been very supportive of the work. I LOVED this comment for the earthly connection…..

‘ I support libraries by returning books late and getting fines! I should have shared my receipts! Another example of what gets lost in the thrust for digitalisation- lovely human tangible memories. – James Walker

Thank you Nottingham, you have all been amazing.


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