Example image taken from the Bristol City walkabout in March 2015.

 SPOTtimespotTIME – Conceived in 2015 ( LIGAR II)

….. is a participatory artwork initially inspired by the touring installation Turning ‘ages (LIGAR I) and the Rubens exhibition (RA 2015)

The piece will be touring and encouraging participation throughout the UK cities in Summer/Autumn 2016,2017 & 2018.The piece took on a new dimension following outreach and participation through the sharing of fingerprints from passersby in a special event which was held in Bristol on 30 March 2015. It is the second expression/ installation from the collective work ‘LIGAR’

The work asks us to consider our own changing identity. How do we feel when we are asked to handover our fingerprint ? In an in increasing digital age is our fingerprint something we should be fearful to handover freely or should we embrace our increased cultural share to incorporate aspects of our physical identity ?  It has become evident during the tour that there are a large group of people choosing to live ‘off grid’.Research in forensics and pioneering work with DNA analysis will hopefully provide some of the scientific answers, but what about the social impact? .  SPOTtimespotTIME will document these changes.What will be the impact be – and our own connection with each other? Celebrating a single moment in time,  the emerging nationwide collective art work comments on the ever wondrous evolutionary process we are presently undergoing . The work when exhibited will  have 10 panels of fingerprints held in clear resin from cities initially all around the UK and the panel ‘Heart Spot’ (centre of the work) will have two fingerprints together making the shape of a heart. One side is a celebrity/person -well known / titled and the other side will be from any section of society presently being marginalised.

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